Some of the feedback from real people, with real experience of the EuroFOX,.

Some claim that they know the EuroFOX, but have never flown one, or indeed ever seen one, listen to those who know..

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Gliding Club feeback 2020

I was thinking the other day it is nearly 8 years since you and I did the first aerotows with the Eurofox in the UK.  As they say - the rest is history.  What a change the Eurofox has made to our small club - we have been able to grow the club on a sound economic basis instead of throwing money away on a clapped-out Rallye with poor fuel economy.  EuroFOX have done the gliding community in the UK a great service - thank you!

G-XXXX has been the only tug available at Sutton Bank for nearly 6 months now, and has been a model of reliability often doing over 45 tows in a day. Now we have tested sucessfully and applied to have the MAUW of gliders on tow increased to 800kgs from 750kgs.

Paul SS 2020

Well, I am delighted to report that I managed to dodge some showers etc and G-XXXX now resides in her new home.I really was very pleased with the way she flew and handled and I know I am going to have a lot of fun in the years to come.

Despite my bulk she leaped into the air and with a 15 kt wind on the nose the landing was extremely short and next time I won’t land near the numbers.

Thank you for all your help with the specifications, the end result is a lovely aircraft and a happy customer……what more could you ever want.

Syndicate 2019

Hi EuroFOX

I just wanted to thank you for all your help and support during 2019 and to wish all the very best for 2020. When we bought GXXXX..we couldn’t of imagined how much back up and help we were to receive over the years! 

All the very best 

Chris Pote (following the completetion of GB- NZ flight) Dec 2018

Team Eurofox,

A quick note of thanks for your unwavering support and for an aircraft that has done superbly well and completed a serious challenge.

·    200 hrs in 5 ½ weeks

·    20,500 miles

·    Lightest ever aircraft to fly from the UK to NZ – and it carried 2 people!

·    17 countries

·    No mechanical failures

·    A night landing at a major international airport

·    7 formation photo shoots

·    2 oceanic sectors

·    5 people trusted their lives to the Eurofox and Rotax. We’re all smiling!

We had confidence in her throughout, thank you. Lots of complimentary comments everywhere we went.

Mike Poole (Breeze Aviation) Dec 2018

A big thanks to you all for building us such a fantastic aircraft for us, and thanks for the hospitality at your factory today.

I flew the 196 nautical mile trip back in 2 hours 26 minutes at an average speed of 80 kts, despite having 20 kt headwinds for much of the route. See attached screenshot. I am VERY pleased with the instrument layout and GPS positioning, it works better than I had imagined.

Frank Ogden (Oct 18)

I have now been signed off for about a month and I can tell you that I absolutely love the machine. I have been around most of SE England and have even ventured across to Le Touquet for lunch... The machine is comfortable, forgiving and a relatively easy transition from a flexwing trike once you can make your feet operate properly!

Paul Sibbons (Sept 18)

Thank you very much for your hospitality last Thursday when we came to see G-CKVY. It was a delight to see her finished and flight ready after the rising anticipation over the recent months. We were very impressed with the quality of the aircraft and, in particular, the excellence and attention to detail so obviously applied to the build and fit out – a tribute to your vision and professionalism. In our view this is the best quality product within it’s range (having investigated quite a few!!) and is an example of what can be achieved with due care, enthusiasm and interest.

Mike Skinner (AKA Victor Meldrew) (June 2018 received via email)

Hi Roger

I thought I'd just let you know how delighted I am with Victor. Here at Henstridge everyone admires the beautiful glossy blue & yellow colour scheme.

As a former Enginering & Quality Assurance manager I have to say the build quality & finish are exemplary.

Clocked up some 30 odd hours now and even with only 80hp Victor cruises beautifully at 85 knots.  Cruising at 75 knots, I reckon I get 8-9 l/hr. The vision in these a/c is amazing and the seats are superbly comfortable. 

The only change I'd make is to use a curtis valve for fuel testing.

Thanks for a seamless, professional purchasing experience. 

John Sinclair-Day (Feb 2018 received via email)

I want to thank you, Adrian, Steve and Sue for your part in creation of this wonderful machine. Since the maiden flight on 8th of August, I have thoroughly enjoyed 60 hours of flying time.  Please use all or any parts of below as a testimonial.
Having never bought a new aircraft kit, I was rather anxious in investing my hard-earned in a new toy.  Exhaustive research to identify the best aircraft for my purpose - touring 2-up to farm strips with camping gear - resulted in a short list of 4 aircraft and a string of queries for Roger. All were answered almost instantly, day or night, weekend or not. Thanks to Ken Sangster and the gang at Millfield I was able to have a trial flight in their EuroFOX tug, plus hear their rather glowing reports. I was smitten by the responsiveness, comfort and visibility in the plane. A few more questions for Roger and the deposit was placed. I ordered a 100hp taildragger on tundras with most of the options.
I was lucky to have Adrian accompany me to Aeropro for me to do my work on the aircraft.  While Adrian learned a bit about my limitations (first time builder) I learnt a fantastic amount about how to do things the right way.  The visit was 100% fun and it was really good to witness the professionalism of Aeropro.
Roger trailered my kit and we put it to bed in my double-car garage.  The build space had been prepared according to Adrian’s advice - souped-up lighting, painting the walls white, painting the floor and I also insulating the roof.  All this was very worthwhile making the winter build very comfortable.  Often, I would go in for an hour or so, to emerge 4 hours later, and only then because of bladder!  The build was a joy; a quality kit, comprehensive build manual, a comfortable space and Adrian on the end of the phone when needed.  Sure, I did have a couple of difficult moments but these were resolved by thinking things through, looking at some of the hundreds of photos and/ or talking to Adrian. The most difficult part of the build for me was the doors - these required much care and patience but I am pleased with the outcome.  Next most difficult was the wiring, where you are on your own. This is the price of having a panel exactly how you want it and well worth the effort, in my view.
I was not in a hurry, having a full time job but also continuing to fly my existing aircraft ( a Rans) so the gestation period was 9 months before trailering to Eshott airfield.  Again, thanks to Adrian who made himself available for some fine tuning, the final inspection and a stack of paperwork - all done in 3 hardworking days.  
Maidening the aeroplane that I built was a never to be forgotten experience, right up there with first solo.  Climb rate ~1000 ft/min, check, stall (full flap, no power) less than 40mph IAS, check, 100mph cruise at 4200rpm, check.  It does exactly what it says on the tin.  I even pulled off a greaser of a landing on grass.  The grin lasted for several days and even now, months later, the thought of that first flight brings it back.
After 60 hours of flying, mainly local and day trips, here is my honest appraisal.
Cruise.  Extremely comfortable and effortless in calm air and good weather, but spookily good in rough air too.  I fly at 100 mph point to point and one recent day out resulted in a measured fuel burn of close to 12L/h.  With 86L on board, I can avoid filling up on days away, especially with that nasty and expensive AVGAS!

Flying in sub-zero temperatures has encouraged me to tighten up the doors (inspired by a tweak of Steve’s) and mess about with baffling the water radiator to keep it in the green and enable the heater to be effective.  A few weeks ago I was playing in wave which took me up to 7000ft where it must have been -10c. It wasn’t exactly “warm” but it wasn’t cold either.  
Circuit.  Fabulous visibility.  Speed needs to be managed because it’s so slippy, but the high flap limit speed helps and the trim is solid. Side slips are really effective and fun!  In truth, it has taken me a good while to get used to the change in stick feel going from 100mph down to 55mph on the final.  I think that I am hard-wired and afraid to work the flapperons too much at slow speed.  

Take off is all over in about 6 seconds and needs a fair bit of right boot to keep straight, as is normal.  
Landing.  Easy and forgiving on grass, even if it’s un-even.  Tarmac is more challenging and I am bouncing 1 in 10 landings but not so bad as to have to go around and I haven’t scared myself yet.  I think I am approaching a little fast and not holding off quite long enough.  While I have not mastered short landings yet, I am quite often achieving less than 100m ground roll.  The brakes are the best I have experienced in any aircraft and they help keep it short.  

Overall, I am delighted with the capability, economy and quality of the kit.  As many people say, the paint finish is gob-smackingly good too.  I have yet to test full touring capabilities yet but will update when I do.

In the meantime, many thanks to all at EuroFOX Aviation!

Chris Pote G GBNZ flight from UK to New Zeland http://gb-nz.com/the-aircraft/

Chris Theakstone (April 2017)

Absolutely delighted with my factory built EuroFOX, everyone loves it, most comfortable aircraft I have ever owned, thanks for making such a fine job for me. I fly at 107mph at 4200 rpm which is at least 10mph quicker than my last aircraft (Ninja) for the same rpm and fuel burn

Adrian Hegner June 16

I guess Adrian Lloyd may have told you we had a very successful day yesterday and I sent of the paperwork this morning, now just have to be patient.

I have to say that the service that you all provide is excellent, it is so refreshing to find in an 'industry' that does seem to have more than its fair share of 'interesting' characters.

Many thanks for all the help you have all provided during the build it has made it a very pleasurable experience and I would not hesitate to recommend the Eurofox.

Chris Waldron April 16

Just a great experience

Probably three years ago now I made a decision to look at converting from Flex-wing to Fixed-wing. Not because I hadn't enjoyed the previous thirteen years of Flex, but because I wanted a new challenge and the ability to go touring with Mrs W in a little more comfort and warmth.

After much research and deliberation I finally decided to make the leap and in August 2014 put my deposit down with Roger at Eurofox Aviation, knowing that there would be many months ahead before I'd finally complete and get to fly my new Eurofox. During the order period Roger was most helpful giving honest advice on specification and options available, simply nothing was too much trouble. When the aircraft was being constructed in Slovakia the guys at the factory would send regular photos of each stage of the initial build.

Finally, when the kit arrived in the UK the build itself was fairly fast and straight forward, again with excellent support from the Eurofox guys and I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. However, now a factory built EuroFOX is available, I'll probably go for that next time. During the final build stages and flight testing Roger, Steve and Adrian from Eurofox where all constantly available for assistance, information and advice, again nothing was too much trouble.

From placing the initial order with Roger I maintained that I want to have my Eurofox completed, in the hanger and ready to fly before 1st March 2016. Because of all the support and assistance received from the Guys and the fact it's a leap year, I flew her for the very first time with Roger there for assurance on Monday 29th February!

Roger has said a few times ''welcome to the Eurofox family'' and given the whole experience has been amazing it really feels like being part of a family and I want to pass my sincere thanks on to Roger, Steve and Adrian, thank you. Ah and not forgetting Mrs W of course…

Yours a very happy customer, Chris Waldron, G-FOXU

Richard Hannigan

I fly a Europa on some occasions and so does a local examiner who also flys our Eurofox. His unsolicited statement was, "I much prefer your Eurofox, it is a lovely aircraft to fly, it is so well set up." I will take that as a compliment from an ex RAF pilot who has Chipmunk, JP, Canberra and Vulcan time. You should too!

Download glider tug operator survey 2013

Paul Walton - BMAA 912UL microlight FULL STORY HERE

"Now that I've finished building my Eurofox, I wanted to share a few thoughts about my experience of the product, and dealing with Eurofox Aviation as the supplier of this wonderful aeroplane.

There's really not much needs to be said about the kit itself. All of us fortunate individuals who have built a Eurofox know that the quality really does speak for itself. Starting with the professional and careful way in which the kit was trailered right to my door, through to the finished end product, it was plain to see that the Eurofox Aviation team are a very professional and pleasant company to deal with.The kit was very comprehensive, stuffed full of quality components and a joy to work with. Throughout my build, all questions and queries - whether technical or otherwise - were dealt with swiftly and efficiently by Roger and Adrian who were perpetually available. In fact, their commitment to customer service is nothing short of remarkable. They are both quite justifiably proud of their product and really can't do enough to help.

The completed product of my labours is an aeroplane that I know attracts the admiration of all who see her. This is due mainly to the inherent quality of the Eurofox marque, rather than my personal skills. The paint finish is gobsmacking and puts most other kit aircraft to shame. I admit to feeling both nervous and proud as Roger took her up for her maiden flight recently. She looked (and sounded) terrific. And her performance is everything that Roger promised it would be. Efficient, smooth, refined and frugal on fuel.

Both Roger and Adrian have provided exemplary support and advice throughout my entire project and I can't speak too highly of their commitment to their customers. Nothing has been too much trouble, no question too silly! Many thanks to you both for supporting my project so admirably and with such enthusiasm (and patience!) Paul Walton - G-PWAL"

John Barrott 912iS nose wheel

My permit arrived a couple of days ago and the weather today was calm so I took the aircraft up solo for the first time. - Remember John, this is a stick and rudder aeroplane - I did a fair bit of general handling and a total of 10 take-offs and landings in 2.3 hours (2 flights).

I am now starting to appreciate why these aircraft are so popular and enjoyed by their owners. The difference in responsiveness and performance compared to what I have been flying for the past 10 years is remarkable. The performance with the Rotax and the Swirl prop. as currently set is nothing short of amazing. I was throttling back to 1200fpm in the climb (with virtually no headwind) and yet a 90kt cruise only needed 4250RPM (which is OK as far as I'm concerned .. The C42 that I sometimes fly uses 4800RPM to achieve 82kts).

Anyway,many thanks to you and Adrian for all your help and support during the build. It has all been a great experience and Flying a 'plane that I have built myself ranks right up there with the most memorable events in my life.

Northumbria GC

We are very happy with G-ETUG she has completed 85hrs since we got her 3 months ago. This compares to our last 12 months with the Pawnee at normal average of 46hrs!!!

Steve Coles- LAA 560 kg tail dragger

Dear Roger, I now have 25 hours on my Eurofox. It has been a total pleasure from the start. I am not very 'handy', so I was slightly nervous about the build; I need not have worried. There is plenty of help and advice out there and the construction was really satisfying. Going to the factory was a great start.

Of course I love the short-field performance, the way it soaks up the bumps on a roughstrip, the delightful handling and the superb finish, but, for me, what sets Eurofox apart is the unstinting support and advice given from first enquiry right through to now.

Pete Gregory - LAA 560 kg tail dragger

I am delighted with my Eurofox. The handling is superb and, without exception, everybody who has looked at it has commented favorably on the quality of the finish. I still find the short field performance amazing. But can you fix the weather please so that I can fly more?

Nick McLeod - LAA 560 kg tail dragger

"Hello Roger, Its Nick calling to catch up now I have finished my tail dragger EuroFOX.

WOW what a great machine. That EuroFOX is absolutely brilliant. I have done about 30 hrs in her now, in and out of my little field. It's Fantastic and I am really chuffed with it and looking forward to getting further afield. A fantastic kit aircraft, great STOL performance, high quality materials and great support from Eurofox Aviation. A classic taildragger design, it's easy to fly, will go anywhere and has excellent endurance.

Jim Taylor - BMAA 450 kg microlight nose wheel

The EuroFOX is everything I knew it would be, beautiful to fly, it is the finest thing i have ever owned. The quality and performance of the EuroFOX far exceeded my expectations, I knew it would and it is why I wanted to have one for many years.

Having sold my previous aircraft (Skyranger Swift Rotax 100 HP) to a friend, we flew in formation and cruised at 90 mph, with the EuroFOX at least 600 rpm less on its Rotax 80 HP, making it less than 10 liters per hour. The EuroFOX is very slippery and efficient at speed.

My next task is to do the same test with a C42 microlight that I also owned previously, where similar results are expected. The EuroFOX is the best performing and most comfortable 3 axis microlight I have ever owned.

Banbury GC, Hinton in the hedges LAA 560kg nose wheel glider tug

We have completed close to 1000 tows of all our club fleet coming up to the end of the first year of EuroFOX operation. This is at least 30% up on previous years. Our membership has increased by 28% and we run an extra day (Friday) during the summer months. We have had to replace the brake discs after 800 tows (£60) and have a small crack in one spat, other than this the aircraft has performed faultlesly.

April 2013 "To date we have some 90 hours on our aircraft and 400+ aerotows in everything from nil wind conditions to 90 degree 15 knot cross winds and the aircraft has done everything we have asked of it. We are using UL91 fuel at the moment and are averaging 2.6 Ltrs/ tow to 2000'.

If you have read the article I wrote for the S&G then you will know that weh ad very little trouble with the build of the aircraft and given a suitable workshop and a couple of willing members with some engineering expertise neither should anyone else. Two of us put the kit together working two full days a week and the odd day at weekends when the weather was not up to much (Which, last year, was most of the time) in just over 3 months. It then took a further month to complete the test flying and apply for the full permit before we could start towing.

Aswe started towing at the beginning of October last year we haven't had any experience of operating at high ambient temperatures so I can't make any comment about that, but the cooling system of the engine and our experience during the winter when we have had to be careful to get the temperatures properly up before starting towing suggests that there should not be a problem in that area, but we shall have to wait and see.

Other than that I can tell you that I have 10 tug pilots on the roster at the moment and all of them converted to it from our Cub and Pawnee with no difficulty and all enjoy using it very much. I have had no adverse comments from anyone."

Yorkshire GC, Sutton Bank LAA 560 kg tail wheel with tost retract winch

"I can summarise the towing experience we have had at Sutton Bank for you, bearing in mind that our site is over 900 feet asl:

13/14 April 2012. Nose wheel EuroFOX G-CGYG RW02, Wind 320/10-15 kts (moderate curl over and turbulence). 2 tows: 1 x K21 dual, 1 x DG1000 dual (20 mtrtips 600 kg auw). Towing performance similar to Super Cub 180 hp, better handling in conditions that were not easy.

16 May 2012. Nose wheel EuroFOX G-CGYG RW24, Wind nil (short 600 mtr runway). 2 tows: 1 x K21 dual, 1x Discus. As above,we were concerned that very light winds on the short runway would challenge theEuroFOX, but this was unfounded. Rate ofclimb with the 2-seaters is slightly less than both Super Cub and Pawnee, but take-off distances are the same.

10 November 2012. Tail dragger EuroFOXG-ETUG RW 20, Wind 170 5-10 kts. Whole afternoon aerotowing the Club and private gliders. A noticeably better tug in tail wheel configuration, with no complaints from the customers! 1 tow worthy of note - DG1000 (20 mtr tips 600 kg+) towed with gear down crewed by 2 well-fed airline pilots, one flying like a mediocre 'Bloggs'. Rate of climb at 5000 feet asl showed 350 fpm.

The EuroFOX is easier to fly than both Super Cub and Pawnee, and is much more comfortable and 'refined'. Visibility from the cockpit is good, but tall pilots may need the thinner seat cushions to keep their eye-line well below the wing roots. Take-off and climb performance is similar to both Cub and Pawnee, but the descent profile is much slicker with water cooled cylinder heads enabling quick turn-round between launches.

We have installed a Tost cable retract winch to improve general safety round the site, and will be testing the system thoroughly during the flight testing of our new EuroFOX tail dragger tug. I foresee no particular snags at the moment, and we are working closely with EuroFOX aviation and the LAA to 'approve' the system for all the others that are on order."

Dave Dollery on behalf of G-UFOX syndicate - 80hp BMAA Microlight Taildragger

The quality of the EuroFOX exceed that of any other kit aircraft that I have seen.The quality of the kit is reflected in the finished product; which is achievable by mere mortals rather than exclusively to seasoned engineers.

Even with the reliable 912UL 80hp engine we get more than adequate performance and this is currently giving us a frugal 9 l/hr. Plenty of comfort and practicality, but much more importantly IT'S GREAT FUN!!

The support and backup we have received from Roger and Adrian of EuroFOX Aviation  has been second to none, right from the initial enquiry and throughout the build, sometimes at all sorts of unsociable hours. This does not cease even when plane is complete and fully signed off. Thanks guys!

Chairman Easterton Gliding Club, Scotland - LAA 560kg - nose wheel glider tug

When I first read about the Eurofox in the Light Aircraft Association magazine, I knew it would be the right machine for our gliding club. Having looked at alternatives for several years, this one seemed to fit the bill.

We have not been disappointed. The aircraft is a delight to fly, copes with allt he gliders we launch from our grass strip and is as economical to run as we anticipated. She drags the club 2 seater off 2 up and has a very similar tow time to the chipmunk. We also towed our Duo Discuss turbo with a 5 kn headwind,2 up, no problem at all. The EuroFOX is a great success and she has behaved impeccably.

I have attached a spreadsheet that compares tow times and charges between our Eurofox and our Chipmunk. As you can see, the Eurofox wins hands down in everyrespect! At the moment, she is bringing in more than twice the budget forecast revenue. I suspect we will be reducing our prices further next summer!

The only down side is we are flying her so much, the hours are rapidly building up! We love her. Thank you for changing the future of our club!

Tug Master Darlton Gliding Club - LAA 560 kg nose wheel glider tug

The Eurofox has enabled us to remove the condition in our planning permission to now allow us to aerotow in addition to winching only (noise concerns). This was brought about by the local councilors visiting our site and witnessing the Eurofox towing our glider fleet. The aircraft makes less noise than our existing VW powered motor glider. On the decision document released by the council, they said "On visiting the site and witnessing the aerotow takeoff, the noise generated is no louder than vehicles travelling on the adjacent road. We therefore have no objections from a noise point of view"

Tug Master Nitra Gliding Club - nose wheel glider tug

We have been using the Eurofox in Nitra since 2006. We bought one new for gliding section of our Aeroklub in 2007. Since then it is in continuous operation and we consider its purchase as one of the best investments we have ever made. The brief statistics is 1800 hours in total and 350 a year mostly towing our DuoDiscuss T and other heavy gliders.

Nick Heywood - BMAA 450 kg microlight

I received G-NIKS in late 2012 and started the build straight away. I was eager to get it into the air as soon as possible as I had sold my Skyranger Swift with a 100 hp Rotax engine to fund the purchase and I was getting withdrawal symptoms. The build went very smoothly and I had it finished by the end of March.

It is a very straight foreword build, and I am meticulous and wanted a "sweet" aircraft in the end, so I paid great attention to detail. If you are not sure about anything ask. Adrian (build support engineer) doesn't bite (He is like a lovable old Labrador really) and most of the other EuroFOX builders will be happy to help as well with hints and tips of how they have approached things.

The test flying went very well with no snags, then all I had to do was take a one hour familiarisation flight and I was away. It is an extremely "slippery"aircraft compared to my Skyranger Swift and it did take me a while to get the hang of slowing it all down enough, and boy oh boy doesn't it sideslip nicely.

I have been in and out of a tricky little 300 yard strip with no problems or heart stopping moments at all and now I have got totally used to it, I think I could do 200 yards if I had the right conditions... I did wonder if an 80 hp engine would be big enough but it is. It doesn't climb quite as swiftly (no pun intended) as my old Swift but it makes up for that in fuel consumption at speed and smoothness. It just sips the petrol. And the aircraft factory finish and upholstery etc really does impress all who come and have a look at it. It is certainly a very comfortable aircraft.

The only down side for me and I suppose there will always be something you are not happy with, is the colour. For me the worst colour in the world is WHITE. But with the microlight version, it was white or go for a parachute option to gain extra empty weight, but lose 30% of my luggage bay, or go LAA and group A. Apparently factory painting in all red would add something in the region of 4kgs.

Malcolm and Lorraine Talbot, Scotland - LAA 560 kg tail dragger

Initial response to my enquiry was great, and we happened to be in Cambridge on holiday (March 2012), and we met up with Adrian who flew down to Oaksey Park to take us both for a test flight which we both thoroughly enjoyed, this made up our minds immediately to place an order!

We then sorted out the various options for the kit and went to Nitra for the factory visit and the covering. We combined this with a trip to Vienna for 3 days (easy to organize from Bratislava and well worth doing), all thoroughly enjoyable, factory very impressive.

I know the waiting list is now significantly longer, but our kit arrived on 5th November 2012 and I got stuck in straight away. All my email queries were answered very promptly, usually within a few hours, nearly always the same day. Build manual good, kit and parts very high quality, everything fitted!

No problems with LAA inspections, paperwork at end of build for permit to test flyno problem, lots of it, but straight forward. Most difficult part was wiring up the radio! The wiring loom is where the builder is on his own to some extent because nobody has exactly the same panel, we have a fairly basic panel, but there is enough info with the kit to work out most of it without too much trouble.

Test flying was uneventful apart from the fairly well publicized float valve needle "flooding at idle" problem, but the soft needles fixed this straight away, and there has been no reoccurrence of this problem since.

Applying for permit took a lot less paperwork, but one hiccup due to not filling in one box on the form lost a few days but once that was sorted permit arrived within a week. I'm still waiting for an instructor/ weather to coincide to get signed off to fly the aeroplane myself, but I'm assured by the test pilot that it's lovely to fly with good performance and no vices. I would agree with this as Iwas with him on the final test flight, taking notes! All in all the build tookme 350 hours, not including time for emails, the Nitra visit and sitting infront of the computer looking at info on the build disc. This was time actually out in the shed. All in all a pleasure so far!

Bill Sherlock - LSA tail wheel (USA)

"I have flown 97 hours in the Eurofox tail wheel, and many more in the nose wheelversion. Mainly delivering aircraft to new customers in the US, and flying demonstrators to Oshkosh and Sun nFun air shows. For many years I manufactured microlights in the UK and have many types logged (over 140), but I chose the Eurofox as my personal aircraft, due to it's comfort, speed and quality among the many other attributes. My wife flies with me on ferry flights and loves the comfy seats. It is a superb aircraft."

Adrian Lloyd LAA/BMAA inspector check pilot

"The Eurofox is a brilliant aircraft with a fabulous build quality. The only thing it has in common with the Denney Kitfox's are the flapperons and the brilliant folding wing system. I have well over a 1,000 hrs on Kitfox's of all Mks and Avids and i have flown the Eurofox very recently - they are as dissimilar as chalk and cheese! The Eurofox is a superbly sweet,well sorted aircraft to fly.The American Kitfox available in the UK is crude compared with the Eurofox.

I am confident that when people see it they will realise what a brilliant additiont o the UK fleet it will be. "

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