New Eurofox 120HP

Scottish Beach Landings

A difficult short strip landing EuroFOX 914

John Barrott 912iS An early cross country

Eurofox UK spin testing re demanding Section S approval process.



Engine Off Landing

Eurofox over San Fransisco With Doors Open

Taildragger Circuit

Amazing Climb Angle

Nick McLeod landing in his Scottish back garden!

Take off from French Altiport

John Barrott 912iS first flight

Glider Towing

EuroFOX 914 Turbo with FX glider team rolling on tow

 Inverted glider on tow with Trig Aerobatic formation

 Ash 25E - 750kg glider on tow

Towing Duo Discuss

Towing DG1000

Towing Blanik

Extreme boxing the tow

TOST retrieve winch in operation

Ulster GC tugging

TOST retrieve winch in operation Sutton Bank

TOST retrieve winch in operation Sutton Bank

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