Eurofox Glider Tug - ​​​​​​​now with Rotax 915iS @ 141hp

The EuroFOX Tug - The established benchmark and the most advanced Rotax powered tug in the UK


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The EuroFOX tug has lead the way as a dedicated Rotax powered glider tug in the UK since its approval in 2011. Having now demonstrated at over 25 of some of the most demanding UK gliding sites and with over 20 operating in the UK at some of the most demanding sites, the EuroFOX is truly the UK benchmark for Rotax powered glider tugs.

Sutton Bank G MOYR 912ULS Tug (Jan 2017) - 3 years old, almost 1200 hours and 6000 aerotows. Portmoak - 2000 hours and over 9000 tows. Banbury GC and Highland GC - 8 years old 1200 hours, thousands of aerotows. European Eurofox tug fleet - one example 9 years old, 3000 hours 10,000+ aerotows. In everycase, there have been no engine, airframe or undercarraige issues. The EuroFOX with its choice of engines and configuration (nose/tail) is the aircraft to trust.

The EuroFOX has been aerotowing in Europe and Australia for a decade, most sites being difficult grass airstrips as predominantly found in the UK. The EuroFOX can be specified as a tail dragger or nose wheel, and with the majority of UK gliding sites being uneven grass strips, often boggy, sometimes short in length, only the EuroFOX tail dragger with tundra tyres will do.

It is a fact of life that others will try to follow a successful, innovative and market leading product. However, gliding clubs choose future tugs based on performance, suitability, value, usability, durability and pilot safety: in all these aspects and more, the EuroFOX is unrivalled as a dedicated liquid cooled Rotax 141 HP tug.

Latest report from Sutton Bank Nov 2015 More see link below

"In the last 2 years G-MOYR has flown 830 hours to date, done 4200 aerotows, and 4300 landings. The aircraft is in remarkably good order, flies superbly, and the retract winch has performed faultlessly."

It is easy to see from the benefits list below why in such a short time over 20 tugs have been sold in the UK, many to some of the leading clubs, with the most difficult of airfield sites. Existing UK operators can verify all of the below…

  • The only UK Rotax dedicated tug available as a tail wheel with tundras, essential for many UK clubs
  • Non EASA Annex II permit "Group A" aircraft - outside the remit of EASA
  • Approved and UK proven to aerotow gliders upto 750 kg all up weight
  • Tug pilots can log "group A" hours to their PPL or NPPL license (which cannot be the case with a lightweight microlight)
  • Visibility is superb with in all directions, even behind
  • A huge tug payload of 270kgs, making 2 in the tug for training a reality
  • The only Rotax tug with an on board retractable "TOST" winch - shorten the tow cycle, and use short or obstructed runways
  • Excellent low speed ability and liquid cooling for towing slow and draggy vintage gliders - yet also capable of aerotowing aerobatic gliders at 80+ knots to 4000 feet if need be
  • Affordable long distance glider retrievals - approx 15 liters per hour at 70 knots
  • The EuroFOX has a very low noise "footprint" compared to conventional tugs
  • Exceptionally well laided out P1 position with dual sticks and centre throttle close to the tug release and all other controls (Flaps, trim, etc)
  • 2.5 liters of ethanol free mogas per tow to 2000 feet, less for single seaters, aerotow your glider fleet at 20% of the cost
  • No engine shock loading in the descent due to the LSA dominant Rotax liquid cooled engine
  • Operated on a LAA permit to fly - extremely low operational costs and simple maintenance regime
  • 2 people in the tug for pilot training, nav training and power syndication in a club environment - perfectly allowable by the CAA as an LAA permit aircraft
  • 86 liters fuel capacity will give you well over 25 tows without refuelling
  • Many EuroFOX tug examples with many thousands of tows and 2000 engine hours with EuroFOX aircraft in tugging operation since 2005
  • Wide GRP undercarriage, very strong and absorbs the roughest of airfield surfaces
  • Aircraft parachute available as an option for ultimate safety in congested airspace
  • The tug of choice for the Pribina cup and European gliding championships
  • Factory build quality in a low cost, quick assembly kit
  • Very manoeuverable on the ground with sterable nose or tail wheel and a joy to fly in the air
  • Optimised propeller for dedicated tugging performance
  • Excellent factory support, with low cost and speedy spares service
  • Manufactured by an established, stable company, no "here today, gone tomorrow" worries
  • Simple, 5 minute proven wing fold if required, can be stored alongside gliders in a trailer, save on hangerage costs
  • Proven as an economical and very capable tug in Europe since 2005

First approved in the UK in 2011, operational UK clubs have found the reliability, durability and economy of the EuroFOX has enabled them to grow membership and increase their number of aerotows (bucking the UK trend).

Gliding clubs are finding it more and more expensive and difficult to maintain and run older aircraft and with EASA and the need for C of A maintenance schedules, aerotows are becoming less popular with many clubs now seeing increasing winch launches.

The EuroFOX has pioneered a Rotax powered dedicated tug in the UK, there are some motor gliders that have Rotax engines, and can be used as tugs, however these are often heavy aircraft and not suitable as dedicated tugs, and are generally only used as motor gliders.

The Rotax engine 912 series has been in production now for 25 years with over 40,000 units produced and millions of airtime hours logged. These engines are used in over 90% of the world's LSA aircraft, very reliable and economical, with a simple maintenance regime under the LAA, why would you risk choosing anything else?

Review the testimonials and the videos below

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Aerobatics on aerotow with Fox

Ash 25E - 750kg glider on tow

Towing Duo Discuss

Towing DG1000

Towing Blanik

Extreme boxing the tow

TOST retrieve winch in operation

TOST retrieve winch in operation Sutton Bank

Ulster GC tugging

Vintage Olympia glider first flight in 36 years

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A year on - Sutton Bank

Download update March 2014 from EuroFOX users

Banbury GC, Hinton in the hedges LAA 560kg nose wheel glider tug

We have been operating our Eurofox now for 18 monthsand have clocked up just over 300 hrs, which equates to approximately 1600tows. This is at least 30% up on previous years. Our membership has increased by 28% and we run an extra day (Friday) during the summer months. We have had to replace the brake discs after 800 tows (£60) and have small crack in one spat, other than this the aircraft has performed faultlessly. We've had no problems with the aircraft and it has performed just as themanufacturers said it would. We have found that it manages cross winds particularly well (We have a nose wheel version), the limiting factor is normally what the glider can tolerate. We have a roster of ten tug pilots and I have received nothing but good reports from all of them.So far we have not had any maintenance issues and havejust followed the recommended procedures from Europro and Rotax. We do changeour engine oil every 50 hours instead of the 100 hours Rotax recommend, becauseof the hard use the engine gets in the towing regime. As a new can of oil, anoil filter and a drain plug washer are available as a kit from SkyDrive - theUK Rotax agent - for just £25.00 plus P&P it seems to be a well worthwhilething to do.

April 2013 "To date we have some 90 hours on our aircraft and 400+ aerotows in everything from nil wind conditions to 90 degree 15 knot cross winds and the aircraft has done everything we have asked of it. We are using UL91 fuel at the moment and are averaging 2.6 Ltrs/ tow to 2000'.

If you have read the article I wrote for the S&G then you will know that we had very little trouble with the build of the aircraft and given a suitable workshop and a couple of willing members with some engineering expertise neither should anyone else. Two of us put the kit together working two full days a week and the odd day at weekends when the weather was not up to much (Which, last year, was most of the time) in just over 3 months. It then took a further month to complete the test flying and apply for the full permit beforewe could start towing.

As we started towing at the beginning of October last year we haven't had any experience of operating at high ambient temperatures so I can't make any comment about that, but the cooling system of the engine and our experience during the winter when we have had to be careful to get the temperatures properly up before starting towing suggests that there should not be a problem in that area, but we shall have to wait and see.

Other than that I can tell you that I have 10 tug pilots on the roster at the moment and all of them converted to it from our Cub and Pawnee with no difficulty and all enjoy using it very much. I have had no adverse comments from anyone."

Yorkshire GC, Sutton Bank LAA 560 kg tail wheel with tost retract winch

Click here for the review of the EuroFOX experience at Sutton Bank


"I can summarise the towing experience we have had at Sutton Bank for you, bearing in mind that our site is over 900 feet asl:

13/14 April 2012. Nose wheel EuroFOX G-CGYG RW02, Wind 320/10-15 kts (moderate curl over and turbulence). 2 tows: 1 x K21 dual, 1 x DG1000 dual (20 mtrtips 600 kg auw). Towing performance similar to Super Cub 180 hp, better handling in conditions that were not easy.

16 May 2012. Nose wheel EuroFOX G-CGYG RW24, Wind nil (short 600 mtr runway). 2 tows: 1 x K21 dual, 1x Discus. As above,we were concerned that very light winds on the short runway would challenge the EuroFOX, but this was unfounded. Rate ofclimb with the 2-seaters is slightly less than both Super Cub and Pawnee, but take-off distances are the same.

10 November 2012. Tail dragger EuroFOXG-ETUG RW 20, Wind 170 5-10 kts. Whole afternoon aerotowing the Club and private gliders. A noticeably better tug in tail wheel configuration, with no complaints from the customers! 1 tow worthy of note - DG1000 (20 mtr tips600 kg+) towed with gear down crewed by 2 well-fed airline pilots, one flying like a mediocre 'Bloggs'. Rate of climb at 5000 feet asl showed 350 fpm.

The EuroFOX is easier to fly than both Super Cub and Pawnee, and is much more comfortable and 'refined'. Visibility from the cockpit is good, but tall pilots may need the thinner seat cushions to keep their eye-line well below the wing roots. Take-off and climb performance is similar to both Cub and Pawnee, but the descent profile is much slicker with water cooled cylinder heads enabling quick turn-round between launches.

We have installed a Tost cable retract winch to improve general safety round the site, and will be testing the system thoroughly during the flight testing of our new EuroFOX tail dragger tug. I foresee no particular snags at the moment, and we are working closely with EuroFOX aviation and the LAA to 'approve' the system for all the others that are on order."

Chairman Easterton Gliding Club, Scotland - LAA 560kg - nose wheel glider tug

When I first read about the Eurofox in the Light Aircraft Association magazine, I knew it would be the right machine for our gliding club. Having looked at alternatives for several years, this one seemed to fit the bill.

We have not been disappointed. The aircraft is a delight to fly, copes with allt he gliders we launch from our grass strip and is as economical to run as we anticipated. She drags the club 2 seater off 2 up and has a very similar tow time to the chipmunk. We also towed our Duo Discuss turbo with a 5 kn headwind,2 up, no problem at all. The EuroFOX is a great success and she has behaved impeccably.

I have attached a spreadsheet that compares tow times and charges between our Eurofox and our Chipmunk. As you can see, the Eurofox wins hands down in everyrespect! At the moment, she is bringing in more than twice the budget forecast revenue. I suspect we will be reducing our prices further next summer!

The only down side is we are flying her so much, the hours are rapidly building up! We love her. Thank you for changing the future of our club!

Tug Master Darlton Gliding Club - LAA 560 kg nose wheel glider tug

The Eurofox has enabled us to remove the condition in our planning permission to now allow us to aerotow in addition to winching only (noise concerns). This was brought about by the local councilors visiting our site and witnessing the Eurofox towing our glider fleet. The aircraft makes less noise than our existing VW powered motor glider. On the decision document released by the council, they said "On visiting the site and witnessing the aerotow takeoff, the noise generated is no louder than vehicles travelling on the adjacentroad. We therefore have no objections from a noise poit of view"

Tug Master Nitra Gliding Club - nose wheel glider tug

We have been using the Eurofox in Nitra since 2006. We bought one new for gliding section of our Aeroklub in 2007. Since then it is in continuous operation and we consider its purchase as one of the best investments we have ever made. The brief statistics is 1800 hours in total and 350 a year mostly towing our DuoDiscuss T and other heavy gliders.

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