All those things you'd like to ask or want to clarify....

Here are the most common questions we get asked, let us know if we should add more.

What is the relationship between the UK Kitfox (Mk 1-4) and the EuroFOX?

None, nothing and nought ! Whilst the name and a distant glance may offer some simarlarities, the UK Kitfox was an American (imperial) design from the 1980's, only available as a tail wheel with a 582 Rotax 2 stroke (a handfull of 912's do exist), a very low Vne, low MAUW and a narrow bungey undercarriage. Also, it was not offered as a microlight.

The EuroFOX was first produced in Europe in 1990 by a completely different company Aeropro and has been continuously refined ever since, available with only the Rotax 912, the EuroFOX uses modern materials , production and design methods. The EuroFOX  has greater performance, supurb co-ordinated controls with more baggage capacity, higher MAUW, more comfortable, more options and has only the super quick wing fold system similar to the Kitfox and Avid. The EuroFOX can be a microlight or 560 kg LSA or 750 kg Glider tug - all with a huge useable load and available with the 912UL/ULS/iS/914.

Think of a 1980's Mini, and then compare it to a BMW Mini of today, there are completely different in every way, such it is with the EuroFOX and Kitfox.

Does the competitive price mean a lack of quality or detail?

Not in any way. The EuroFOX is supurb value when compared to other aircraft on the UK market. The Slovak factory have the benefit of 27 years to refine and take cost out of production, with highly skilled staff and sensible rates of pay. In the UK, we have our costs under control with no debt or investors to satisfy, little overhead and being enthusiasts, we are not greedy for margin.

Is there a UK factory built Microlight available?

Yes, Manufactured in Slovakia, built in the UK.

What "in service history" does the aircraft have?

Unlike other "new kids on the UK block", the EuroFOX has an extensive service history. Over 500 aircraft produced, with over 250,000 flying hours on the fleet in 27 years. Over 70 sold in the UK market now since 2011. There have been no aircraft in-flight failures during this time around the world.

How does the EuroFOX differ from other aircraft?

The combination of exceptional quality, refinement and value for money coupled with superb performance and handling. Many of the options and standard features are rarely seen on other aircraft in this category. All this makes the EuroFOX a very attractive proposition.

What is the stability of the manufacturers?

Aeropro are an established aircraft factory based in the Slovak republic, a centre of aircraft building expertise for many decades. The company has been established for over 27years, is well run, profitable with no debt, with the original private owners still in place, (succession planning in place). It continues to run efficiently with strong continuing worlwide demand, so you can be sure that spares and support are available for many years to come and throughout the life of the aircraft.

What after sales support is available in the UK?

Full spares, repairs, maintenance and sales support from our own UK factory and airfield with inspectors and "those in the know" around the country.

What is the main aim of the factory?

To produce a lifetime quality aircraft which is economical to own, simple to maintain and run and a pleasure to fly.

What real life performance can an owner expect?

Terrific STOL capabilities (land and take off in less than 100 metres), combined with economical cruising in the "green arc" to 95 kts, VNE is 124 kts. The EuroFOX will get in and out of places others can't go. Note - the BMAA Vne is s"afty factored" down, we intend to correctthis anomaly in the near future.

How difficult is the kit build?

The kit build is more of a final assembly and is straight forward being designed to be possible for even the novice builder. The advanced kit options enable the builder to produce a factory quality build with just basic tools and in the shortest time possible - 300 to 500 are genuine hours builders have achieved.

Is it possible to achieve a factory finish from my amateur build?

Yes absolutely. The quality of the components supplied in the kit (and for the factory built aircraft) is second to none, which is always the best starting place...

The kit build facilitates painting by the factory in their professional workshops. Just look at the aircraft built to date to see for yourself.

What are the advantages of the EuroFOX?

In addition to the many unique features of the aircraft, you have an aircraft that is simple to maintain and repair (unlike some aircraft). The STOL performance and handling responsiveness (due to full span flapperons), sets the standard for this aircraft type. And of course, the single handed wing fold (not a 2 person wing removal as other aircraft "wing fold" claims are). Save thousands a year on hangarage, get a space in a "full" hangar or be able to transport the aircraft easily in one of our bespoke 'mobile hangers' if needs be.

Is a Tail wheel and Nose wheel available as a microlight and group A?

Yes. There are options of 560 kg, 472.5 kg and 450 kg. and a glider tug option.

What glider towing experience does the EuroFOX have?

10+ years in Europe towing gliders up to 750 kgs. The EuroFOX is used for the FAI European glider championships as well as the Pribina cup. There are 20 operational EuroFOX tugs in the UK (as of 2016)

What are the annual maintenance costs?

The maintenance regime of permit aircraft is simple but robust. The typical annual cost for a permit renewal and 100 hour maintenance schedule would be a maximum of £500. As you can see, it's just a fraction of the costs to maintain C of A aircraft.

Where is the UK EuroFOX base?

The EuroFOX Aviation base is at Luke's Field, Nr Headcorn in Kent, where we have our own UK exclusive (not shared) factory and runway. You can fly in for any spares or maintenance requirements.

What is the difference between a 560 kg group A EuroFOX and a microlight 450 kg?

None, all versions have exactly the same airframe, wings and engine combinations. Your choice of options and adherence to the allowable max useable and empty weight are the only differences.

Where else is the EuroFOX approved?

In almost all European countries, the EuroFOX is approved as a ready to fly aircraft, in addition to the USA, Australia, South Africa and Asia.

How does the LAA advanced kit build assist program work?

The builder visits the factory and covers the aircraft under supervision of factory staff and using the factory tooling. The aircraft is then factory painted and shipped to the UK. The builder gets a factory quality finish. The remaining work is completed on the builder's UK premises. We can offer build assist and the use of our CAA approved UK factory for kit builders.

How robust is the EuroFOX?

Extremely. Proven over 25 years and with 250,000 flight hours and no inflight structural issues of any kind. The airframe is designed to tow gliders, so the daily use most GA pilots will require, particularly if operating a microlight version, is well within the EuroFOX envelope and capabilities. The EuroFOX strength and usability is well proven with years of experience.

What engines are available in the EuroFOX?

The market leading, well proven, Rotax 912UL, 912ULS, 912iS and 914UL are available. DUC and Woodcomp props are the preferred choices because these have been shown to give the aircraft the best performance. However the builder is free to fit any propeller approved by the LAA/BMAA.

What about spares?

Spares are readily available from our stock at Luke's Field, with larger items being available from stock at the Aeropro factory. The quality of the jigging at the factory makes replacement parts a direct and simple fit.

What approval regime does the EuroFOX come under in the UK?

The LAA for the group A aircraft is an amateur build advanced kit (as are all UK non microlight permit aircraft...). For the Microlight, the EuroFOX falls under the BMAA as a homebuild, or the CAA/BMAA for a factory built example.

What are the EuroFOX prices?

It depends on the engine and aircraft type and kit or factory built micolight and the choice of options. In approximate figures, a factory buiilt microlight is £57,500 inc VAT and a kit is £42K plus vat.

Where can I see the EuroFOX and can I book a demonstration flight?

The EuroFOX will be at all the major UK aircraft trade shows for viewing. Demonstration flights can be arranged from Luke's Field or other locations around the country. For Aerotowing demonstrations - we come to you!