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Price information

Ready to fly, 80hp factory built microlight £48,500 plus VAT, call for exact details.

The EuroFOX advanced kit is supplied directly from the Slovak factory to EuroFOX Aviation, Prices start from approx £42,000 including delivery to EuroFOX aviation, plus VAT. Please email or call for a detailed price list with your address and we will gladly post all the EuroFOX literature to you.

The kit is comprehensive including basic instruments, spats, all aircraft painted by the factory, Rotax 912, all cowlings, in fact everything to get airborne except panel wiring and fluids. There are no "undisclosed" extras needed or hidden prices as in some other aircraft price lists. It is of great reassurance to customers that the EuroFOX design and the Aeropro factory have been established for over 25 years, which is much longer than many companies in the aircraft market today. This, together with the aircraft quality and limited UK availability ensures the Eurofox re-sale prices remain high. 

The fast assembly kit (factory supervised fabric covering program for LAA aircraft only) is available. All materials and parts, including instruments, are included in both kit versions. We will take your order details and specifications, and upload into the factory production plan at the Aeropro factory to ensure that your individual specification is produced.

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Trade shows 2017

The Eurofox is planned to be displayed at all the UK venues during 2017, next show is the Popham microlight trade show at the end of April.