The EuroFOX - one of the most advanced assembly kits in the UK

- now available with a choice of 4 Rotax engines, including the 912iS and the 914 (115HP)

The EuroFOX is supplied in the UK as an advance 51% fast assembly kit and should not be confused with kits requiring far more effort and time to build.

                                        The 2 photos below show how some competitor long build kits are delivered   



 Below is how the EuroFOX 51% fast assembly kits are delivered 


The basic EuroFOX kit contents are listed below, but include the final painting and factory finishing of all flying surfaces.

Download materials used in the EuroFOX here

The standard equipment includes: 

·        Quick wingfold system

·        ROTAX 912UL (80hp), 912ULS (100hp), 912iS (100hp), 914 turbo (115hp)

·        3 blade propeller with spinner and back plate - Woodcomp SR 200 for LAA aircraft or for BMAA aircraft DUC Swirl with Inconel leading edge

·        Acrylic windshield with demist air vents

·        Tinted roof skylight

·        20kg (18kg BMAA) upholstered luggagecompartment

·        5 point engine mount and stainless firewall

·        Carpeted cabin floor and sides

·        2 GA headset sockets

·        Dual sticks with PTT

·        Dual rudder pedals

·        High power light weight battery

·        Steerable nose or tail wheel

·        GRP undercarriage

·        Locking full Lexan doors with gas struts

·        All aircraft surfaces "two pack" painted in white as standard with EuroFOX graphics

·        2 aluminum wing tanks of 40 liters each and a 6 liter header tank with panel mounted low fuel warning light

·        Plush upholstered comfortable seats

·        Friction lock push/pull or vernier throttle

·        For the nosewheel versions - hydraulic discbrakes operated by a panel mounted Tee handle with integral parking brake

·        For the tail dragger versions P1 side toebrakes without parking brake

·        Four point safety belts

·        Welded Chro-moly fuselage and tail sections

·        Full aluminum wing spars and ribs covered with Poly-Fibre fabric (UV coated)

·        Composite flapperons

·        Manual elevator trim and flapperon levers

·        "Cut out" instrument panel toc ustomers design with or without glove box

·        Standard round engine and flight analogue instruments (10 in all)

·        Standard wheels depending on type with spats (or tundra tyres on taildragger in lieu of spats)

·        Faired wing struts and covered seat pan with velour seats

The kit is complete to enable the aircraft to be assembled and flown without the need for any additional parts except panel wiring.

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